Video of HeatGard's Application & Superiority:



Application Procedure:



  • Clean all loose and flaking parts of the surface with a putty knife or wire brush.
  • Make sure that the substrate is clean and not porous. If the substrate is porous, use a primer with a mixture of Super Cement and cement in a 1 : 1.5 proportion (by weight).



  • The best application result is obtained by using an airless spray gun. However Heatgard can also be applied by brush or roller.
  • When a Super Cement/Cement primer is used, the first Heatgard coat is applied when the primer is touch dry.
  • To obtain the most effective heat reflection, apply 2 coats or more, with a coverage of 1 liter/m² and a coating interval of at least one hour.
  • Especially for areas, which are prone to movement (connected parts of different structures, corners, cracks, etc) Polyester mesh/Supermesh should be used in the first coat when still wet.
  • Clean the tools with water, immediately after the work is done.