Heatgard's Proven Performance:

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Thermal Camera Measurements

The above images are taken with a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera. The left image is digital whilst the right image is thermal, measured by the infrared radiation.

Building area 1 (color: greenish) is coated with a waterproofing coating, while area 2 (color: dark blue) is coated with Heatgard. The building area 2 shows a cooler color.

A more pronounced effect can be seen when Heatgard is applied to a metal roof surfaces, as shown by the picture:


A comparison against normal paint:

Experiment is using an Infra red lamp on a metal substrate coated in grey color


Performance Data:

Temperature Performance Data in Experimental Model House:


Absorption comparison of sunlight by a grey wall paint against a grey Heatgard: